NÀWÁO is financed by project means only, we do not receive regular support by any institution. To be able to still realise those projects that are difficult to finance we depend on our members' contributions.

As a member you receive our annual report and get special prices for all our events and products.

Support our work and become member in our association with an annual contribution of:

Euro 75.- and more for institutions und patrons
Euro 35.- for individuals
Euro 20.- for students, apprentices, and unemployed

Become a member through mail:

NÀWÁ0 Produktion Zürich, Röntgenstr. 4, CH-8004 Zürich, Schweiz
tel/fax: (0041+1) 271 5060, tel: (0041+1) 271 5067
Banc- and Post-Account:
PC 80-42036-5 Zürich
ABS 4600 Olten, Konto 9.147.2

NÀWÁ0 Berlin, Nostitzstrasse 20, 10961 Berlin, Deutschland
tel/fax: (0049) 3021997793
Postbank Berlin, BLZ 10010010, Kontonr. 671744104

NÀWÁ0 Accra P.O. Box AN-16666, Accra, Ghana,
tel/fax: (00233) 277418836
Ecobank Accra, Account No 1101.21877.0112