«There are not many production organisations that devote themselves to a transcultural programme of creative events.
NÀWÁ0 is one of these rarities, and a highly successful one.
NÀWÁ0 works with a remarkably small team - flexible, adaptable and highly motivated. The achievement of NÀWÁ0 in the promotion of the Arts - Exhibitions, Drama, Music, workshops, and even lectures - is outstanding.

Many artistes and audiences in remote, neglected areas have had cause to be grateful to the creative energy and adventurous spirit of this group.»

Wole Soyinka, Nobel Price Awarded for Literature

NÀWÁ0 is an association for the development and production of a variety of projects in the scope of Fine Arts, Literature, Theatre and Music. These projects are realized in co-operation with various partners in Europe and abroad since 1994. At present we are primarily engaged in West Africa and the new republics of Central Asia.

The idea of cultural exchange and equal cooperation with partners from comparatively less developed countries forms the basis of our work. In general the structure of our projects is twofold thus: One focal point is located in Switzerland, Germany, France and/or other EU member states, another in the country abroad involved in each case.

Apart from representing artists from less well off countries we also take care of the publication and distribution of their works abroad.

NÀWÁ0 is a growing network with offices in Zurich (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany) and Accra (Ghana). As a non-profit association we rely entirely on project financing, donations and membership contributions.