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Axis of the Poets

Literature of Iranian and Swiss Authors

Literature exchange between Iran and Switzerland

Ever since the writers Adolf Muschg, Roul Schrott and Hans Magnus Enzensberger have been invited to Teheran for a first exchange with Iranian collegues in 2001 and Germany has invited the Iranian writers in return, there has been a vivid contact between Iranian writers and writers of Germany and Switzeland.

This year Switzerland offers Iranian writers a new forum with the 25th Solothurn Days of Literature. In order to present the Iranian authors to a greater audience exceeding the Solothurn events Nawao organizes further readings in Switzerland together with two Swiss authors. But to provide the Iranian-Swiss literature exchange with more sustainability not only in Switzerland but also in Iran, which is of even greater relevance, we also plan public readings of the four writers in Iran, as well as a brochure in Farsi and German. Contact with the Iranian authors was made by Bettina Spoerri and Liliane Studer of the programme commission of the Solothurn Days of Literature. Apart from them the project is also supported by Adolf Muschg.

The Project

Following the 25th Solothurn Days of Literature (May 30 to June 1 2003) presenting two Iranian writers and a Iranian translator, Sharyar Mandanipour und Amir Hassan Cheheltan will perform in public readings together with the Swiss authors Johanna Lier und Raphael Urweider. After the readings in Switzerland the tour will continue in Iran.

Readings in Switzerland andPublication in Farsi and German

Selected texts
of all four authors will be published in Farsi and German in a brief brochure after the Solothurn Days of Literature. Dr. M. H. Allafi, an Iranian publisher located in Germany, has shown interest in publishing the brochure in his house Glaré-Verlag in Frankfurt.

Dates: June 3. to Juni 6. 2003

Sudhaus Basel: 3.June 2003, Kornhausbibliothek Bern: 4.June 2003, Rote Fabrik Zürich, 5. June 2003, Boa Luzern: 6. June 2003

The moderation and translation of the readings will be done by Dr.phil.Tobias Nünlist, scholar at the orientalistic seminar at Zurich University.

Readings in Iran

In the second phase of the project the four authors will present themselves and their publication in Iran. There will be readings in Teheran, Isfahan und Shiraz. Details of the readings are still to be evaluated with local partners in Iran.

Dates: June 30. to July 10 2003

Teheran, 1. July , 2003, Shiraz, 3.July 2003, Isfahan, 6. July 2003

Information concerning the authors:

Amir Hassan Cheheltan, (born 1956) :
Member of the Iranian Writers Association

Publications: Mehre Giah (Love of Plant), Talare Ayineh (Hall of Mirror), Eshgh va Banooye Natamam (Love and the Unfinished Lady), Tehran, Shahre bi Asseman (Tehran, City of no Sky), Chizi beh Farda Namandeh Ast (It is nearly tomorrow)

Shahryar Mandanipour, poet and novelist (born 1957):

Publications: Hashtomin Rooze Zamin (The 8th Day of the Earth), Sayehaye Ghar (Cave's Shadows), Moomi va Asal (Mummy and Honey), Mahe Nimrooz (Moon of the Noon), Sharghe Banafsheh (Violet's East)
Novels: Delo Deldadegi (Heart and Love), Raz (Secret) for children and young adults, Cold Dinner and Fire, Kragowa Agenciga Wydawnicza, Poland, 2002, Le huitieme jour de la terre, Les gardiens de solitude, nouvelles d'Iran, Mille et une nuits editions, 2002, Naqdî, Tidsskrift for Mellem Ostens Litteratur, Denmark, 1999, Heart and Love is under translation by an Iranian and an American in USA, 0711-628 3428
0913 713 8196, Moomi va Asal (Mummy and Honey) won the 20 Years of Storywriting Award, 1997

Johanna Lier, (born 1962):

Biography: Rudolf Steiner School (Zürich). Librarian.
Conservatory of Music and Theatre (Bern) - Drama department
between1984 and1995 work as actress, director and Author in film and theatre in Deutschland und der Schweiz.
from 1996 on work as a Journalist (Woz, NZZ a.o.) and Author. Travels to Bulgaria, Nigeria and Iran.
from 1998 on Performances together with Freejazz-Formations und Pop-Rock-Bands in Switzerland and abroad

Publications: 1992 «Liebe und Tod im Tiergarten» Edition Poesiexpress, Zürich, 1994 «Engel kommen von vorne» Edition Poesiexpress, Zürich, 1995 hrsg: «poesiememo» Ein Erinnerungsspiel mit Gedichten, edition poesiexpress, Zürich, 1998 Kettengedichtprojekt mit Ingrid Fichtner, Hanna Johansen, Ilma Rakusa, Wanda Schmid, Schwabe Verlag, Basel, 1999 «Irrt Irrt das Ohr. Irritationen» Das fröhliche Wohnzimmer-Edition, Wien, 2001 «Wenn die Rose geht siehst du keine Büsche» Edition Howeg, Zürich, 2001 «Lieb an Land Schaften», Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer-Edition, Wien, Veröffentlichungen in Zeitschriften und Anthologien

Awards: 1993: Cultural award of Küsnacht. 1999: Literature award of the Dienemann Foundation / Luzerner Musikfestwochen. 2000: Scholarship Zürich

Raphael Urweider, (born1974):

Bibliography: * 5. November 1974 in Schattenhalb, School in Biel, Studies Germanistics and Philosophy (Universty of Fribourg), Jazz-School, Bern. Lives, works and travels as poet, dramatist, musician and rapper. Domicile and dialect : Bern.

Publications: Guten Tag Herr Gutenberg Ottensheim, Edition Thanhäuser 1999. Lichter in Menlo Park. Köln, DuMont 2000. DuMont-Lyrik (Bd. 5). Kobold und der Kunstpfeiffer. Fast eine Räubergeschichte. Ottensheim, Edition Thanhäuser 2001. Audible poems on the Internet under HYPERLINK Die Besten 2002. Klagenfurter Texte. Hg. v. Robert Schindel. Piper 2002. Anthologie de la Poèsie Allemande. Les annèes 90. Seghers/Goethe-Institut, InterNationes, Paris 2001.

Awards: Leonce-und-Lena-Preis 1999, Scholarship of Deutscher Literaturfonds e.V. (1999), Winner of the Literature Competition of Marianne-und-Curt-Dienemann-Foundation, Luzern (1999), Book award of Kantons Bern (May 2000), Cultural award of die besten von next und Hochparterre (Schweizer Fernsehen) 2000, Book of the year 2000 of Swiss Schiller Foundation, Scholarship in Kairo of Pro Helvetia Foundation 2001, Scholarship of Literature Colloquium Berlin 2001, Young Writers Award of Alexander-Schröder-Foundation Bremen (2001), Scholarship of Town and Kanton Bern, 3Sat-award of Ingeborg-Bachmann-Awards 2002, Scholarship in New-York 2003 of Deutscher Literaturfonds